Certification of Building Materials in China

Certification of green building materials is a proven and effective way to incorporate, at large scale, products that are energy efficient, have minimal ill effect on indoor air quality, and/or have other green attributes into buildings. Recently, the General Office of the State Council of China, in order to increase the supply of high-quality green products into the buildings market, issued guidance on developing a uniform system for green product standards and certification by 2020. This guidance is one of many high-level government plans to employ certification as a fundamental tool to increase the market share of green building materials.

Under the Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industry Initiative of the U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), this project seeks to improve the testing and certification system for building materials in China. A gap analysis study of the Chinese system was recently completed, and U.S. and Chinese stakeholders are convening over the next couple months to share and refine ideas on a future roadmap for improving the system. Below is a running list of highlights from this new project:

Certified_Green_Building_Materials–Policy_Impact_Assessment This report discusses the evolution of China’s building materials certification system and its impact on energy and emissions, including the history of its policies and programs, elements of improving the national system and material database, and quantification of the potential environmental and economic impacts of implementing certified building materials in new buildings nationwide.

Evaluating_the_Certification_System_of_Green_Building_Materials_in_China (GAP Analysis Report) – investigates the certification and testing system in China and the United States relevant to green building materials in order to identify areas for improvement in the Chinese system and provide recommendations.

概要_ Evaluating_the_Certification_System_of_Green_Building_Materials_in_China – (Executive Summary of the Gap Analysis Report in Chinese)

Presentation: The Role of Material Certification – establishes the importance of material certification and identifies preliminary areas of improvement in the China system.

Roadmap for Green Building Products in China –  Towards a National Standard, Testing, Certification, and Labeling System – conducts a deep dive of standards, testing, certification, and labeling in China for window glass and LED lighting products. Using the lessons learned from these two cases, this report draws a roadmap of implementation steps broadly to enhance the national green building product standard, testing, certification, and labeling system in China.