Seminar on Analysis for Building Energy Code Development in Vietnam

This meeting took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, however the presentations mentioned below in the links may be helpful for other countries and cities as work on code development and revision.

Dates:  January 12-13, 2016

Location: Hai Phong Room, Sofitel Plaza 1 Thanh Nien Road, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory organized this training event in conjunction with the Ministry of Construction and the Building Technique Institute.

Focus: The focus of this seminar is to train Vietnamese experts in the analysis needed to revise a code. This includes cost-benefit analysis of new technologies and changing conditions, improving understanding of buildings to better assess measures, using existing and incomplete data, and integrating lessons from code implementation and stakeholder engagement in code modifications. During the meeting, we will also discuss a roadmap on standards to support VBEEC, including for building materials.

Audience: Vietnamese institutes involved in energy code development. Other technical organizations from the private sector and government are also welcome to attend all or part of the training. PNNL expects approximately 20 participants to the training.

Seminar Schedule:  Day 1

Morning session

Panel: Code Revision Overview

Moderator: Dr. Nguyen Trung Hoa – BTI

Presentation 1: Setting up a formal energy code development process – (Meredydd Evans, PNNL)

Presentation 2: Assessing the existing code and identifying potential changes (Mark Halverson, PNNL)

Presentation 3: PNNL’s recommendations on changes to the VBEEC (Meredydd Evans, PNNL)

Discussion 1: Identifying roles and defining objectives in the code development process – Moderated by MOC

Discussion 2: Recommendations for VBEEC revision


Afternoon session

Panel: Code Revision Analysis

Moderator: Dr. Nguyen Trung Hoa, BTI

Presentation 1: System of building energy-efficient standards and codes in Vietnam (Nguyen Son Lam, IBST)

Presentation 2: Review of cost benefit analysis of code measures (Mark Halverson, PNNL)

Presentation 3: Analysis conducted to develop previous versions of the VBEEC (VACEE)

Presentation 4: Emission calculations and greenhouse gas inventories (Meredydd Evans, PNNL)

Discussion: Collecting the necessary information to do cost-benefit analysis for energy code changes


Seminar Schedule: Day 2

Morning session

Panel: Incorporating implementation lessons

Moderator: Dr. Nguyen Trung Hoa, BTI

Presentation 1: Context and process of code implementation in Vietnam (Nguyen Thu Nhan, IFC Vietnam)

Presentation 2: How to make the code more implementable: clarifying language and thinking about the user (Meredydd Evans, PNNL)

Presentation 3: Overview of U.S. prototype buildings (Mark Halverson, PNNL)

Discussion 1: Implementation and code provisions in the future Vietnamese code

Discussion 2: How to develop prototype buildings in Vietnam

Discussion 3: Options to link implementation and code revisions

Discussion 4: Priorities for VBEEC revisions


Afternoon session

Panel: Roadmap on VBEEC standards

Moderator: Dr. Nguyen Trung Hoa, BTI

Presentation 1: Overview of current standard-setting process (Dr. Luong Duc Long – VIBM)

Presentation 2: Recommended priorities for technical standards and guidelines to support VBEEC (Mark Halverson, PNNL)