Scientific Working Group on Scenarios

Scenarios form a key element of IAM research. The Scientific Working Group on scenarios aims to contribute to development and use of community scenarios, i.e. scenarios that are used and co-developed by the IAM and other research communities, permitting cross-community integration, comparison and cooperation. Activities of the working group are therefore related to the IAMC Scenario database, the use of the SSP/RCP framework, updates with regard to SSP scenarios and the establishment of criteria to determine consistency with the ‘SSP-markers’.


Planned activities

  • Development of guidelines for the submission of new ‘SSP-type’ scenarios into the scenario database.
  • Activities related to the update of SSP scenario drivers (population / GDP)
  • Facilitate the extension and further development of SSP narratives and quantitative scenarios (eg for additional sectors, countries, or topics like the SDGs)




Keywan RIAHI
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)


The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)



Tom Kram, Jae Edmonds (PNNL/JGCRI), Nico Bauer (PIK), Benjamin Bodirsky (PIK), Kate Calvin (PNNL/JGCRI), Johannes Emmerling (CMCC), Oliver Fricko (IIASA), Petr Havlik (IIASA), Richard Moss (PNNL/JGCRI), Elmar Kriegler (PIK), Brian O’Neill (UDenver), Shilpa Rao (IIASA), P.R. Shukla (UAhmedabad), Steve Smith (PNNL/JGCRI ), Laurent Drouet (CMCC), Shinichiro Fujimori (NIES), Tomoko Hasegawa (NIES), Alexander Popp (PIK), Elke Stehfest (PBL), Massimo Tavoni (CMCC), Kenichi Wada (RITE), Stephanie Waldhoff (PNNL/JGCRI).

In addition, the following non-IAM experts are contributing to the activities of the scenario SWG: Jesus Crespo (IIASA), Rob Dellink (OECD), Leiwan Jiang (NCAR), Marian Laimbach (PIK), Wolfgang Lutz (IIASA), KC Samir (IIASA).

IAMC members that are interested in participating in the work of the SWG should contact SWG Co-Chairs.