Scientific Working Groups

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) has chartered four Scientific Working Groups (SWGs).

Most of the work of the IAMC will be carried out through Scientific Working Groups (SWGs). SWGs bring together a subset of members of the IAMC, and possibly external participants, to carry out activities that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • are of benefit to the IAM community as a whole
  • engage with other research communities on behalf of the IAMC
  • advance areas of research that are of high priority for the IAMC
  • support research relevant to the IAM community through the development of data, protocols, or tools


Any IAMC member may propose an SWG by submitting a proposal to the SSC. The proposal should contain a description of

  • the goals of working group
  • planned activities and how these would be carried out
  • how the group would meet the criteria for an SWG listed above
  • the anticipated time period over which goals would be achieved
  • the proposed chairs of the group and planned participants

The SSC will review and vote on proposals. Approval requires a 2/3 vote of the full SSC. A decision is not final until all members of the SSC have had the opportunity to vote. SSC members not present at the time of the vote will have two weeks to cast their votes. After that time, the decision will be reached based on votes received.


Any IAMC member can sign up to participate in a working group. In addition, co-chairs may invite participants from outside the IAMC. Working group chairs should announce planned activities and invite participation via the IAMC mailing list so that all IAMC members have the opportunity to join. IAMC annual meetings provide another opportunity to communicate working group activities and solicit participants.

In exceptional circumstances SWG co-chairs can make a request to the SSC that a participant’s membership in the group be revoked.

Governance and duties

Working groups should typically have more than one chair in order to share duties and/or provide expertise in additional areas relevant to the group’s activities. At least one chair person should be from an institution that is represented on the SSC.

Co-chair responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that all members of the IAMC have the opportunity to join the SWG
  • coordinating SWG activities
  • periodically updating the full IAMC membership on its activities via the IAM mailing list
  • updating the SSC on progress periodically, at least once per year
  • present the activities and achievements of the SWG at the IAMC annual meeting