Scientific Steering Committee

The current members of the IAMC in both the sustaining member and at-large member categories are as follows:

Sustaining SSC Members are (November, 2009):

  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) [United States] Point of Contact: Steve Rose
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) [Austria] Point of Contact: Keywan Riahi
  • The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency PBL [Netherlands] Point of Contact: Tom Kram
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute (PNNL/JGCRI) [United States] Point of Contact: Jae Edmonds
  • National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) [Japan] Point of Contact: Mikiko Kainuma
  • Stanford Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) [United States] Point of Contact: John Weyant

Appointed At-Large SSC Members are (November, 2009):

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIAM) [India] Point of Contact: P.R. Shukla
  • China Energy Research Institute (ERI) [China] Point of Contact: Jiang Kejun
  • Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) [Germany] Point of Contact: Point of Contact: Elmar Kriegler

Elected At-Large SSC Members are (March, 2012):

  • Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) [Italy] Point of Contact: Massimo Tavoni
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) [United States] Point of Contact: Brian O’Neill
  • Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), JRC, European Commission [Spain] Point of Contact: Peter Russ

A process will be developed to identify the remaining at-Large members of the SSC.