The Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (IAMC) is an organization of scientific research organizations that pursues scientific understanding of issues associated with integrated assessment modeling and analysis.

The IAMC has three core missions.

  1. The IAMC facilitates and fosters the development of integrated assessment models (IAMs), peer interaction and vetting of research associated with IAMs, and the conduct of research employing IAMs, including model diagnosis, intercomparison, and coordinated studies.
  2. The IAMC promotes, facilitates and helps to coordinate interactions between IAMC members and members of other scientific research communities studying climate change such as the Climate Modeling (CM), the Impact, Adaptation, and Vulnerability (IAV), and the technology and engineering communities.
  3. The IAMC provides a point of contact with other institutions and organizations that use the science results of the IAM community, such as the IPCC.



Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) Draw from and Serve Other Climate Science Research. IAMs include representations of climate, using models and data generated by the climate modeling and research community, and Earth systems, using models and data generated by the impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability (IAV) modeling and research community. In turn, IAMs provide to the climate modeling community emissions scenarios of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and short-lived species (SLS) and land-use projections. IAMs provide to the IAV modeling community projections of socioeco- nomic states, general development pathways, and the multiple stressors of climate change.

Source: A. Janetos. 2009. Science Challenges and Future Directions: Climate Change Integrated Assessment Research.