Fifth Annual Meeting of the IAMC

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November 12, 2012 - November 13, 2012
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Foundation of Renswoude

The 5th IAMC Annual Meeting met in 2012 from November 12th and 13th at the Foundation of Renswoulde, Utrecht, Netherlands.

A summary report recounting general themes and specific research findings presented at the fifth annual meeting was compiled by Detlef P. van Vuuren, Jasper van Vliet, Andries Hof, Paul Lucas, and Tom Kram.


The purpose of the IAMC Annual Meeting was to (1) present and discuss the state of the art in integrated assessment modeling, (2) review the status of ongoing community activities including both multi-model studies and the activities of the IAMC Scientific Working Groups, (3) facilitate interaction with collaborating communities, and (4) evaluate and revisit the priorities of the integrated assessment community.

Roughly half of the meeting was devoted to four sessions on cutting edge areas of integrated assessment model development and research:

  1. Climate Modeling in Integrated Assessment
  2. Modeling Impacts and Adaptation in Integrated Assessment
  3. Evaluation, Diagnostics, and Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment
  4. Modeling Land, Water, and Energy Interactions in Integrated Assessment

Included were presentations on cutting edge research activities from members of the community followed by open group discussion of key priorities in these areas of research.


Day 1: Monday, November 12, 2012

A Plenary Session was held, as were sessions on Climate Modeling in Integrated Assessment and Energy-Water-Land Interactions.

Plenary Session

  • Welcome
    Pieter Boot
  • Introduction
    Detlef van Vuuren and John Weyant
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  • Report of the Scientific Working Group on Shared Socioeconomic Pathways
    Tom Kram and Keywan Riahi
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  • Report of the Scientific Working Group on Data Protocols and Management: Discussion of IPCC Data Request
    Volkery Krey
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  • Plenary Topic: Linking IAMs to Earth System Models
    Bill Collins and Detlef van Vuuren
  • Plenary Topic: Challenges in Evaluation and Diagnostics
    John Weyant and Elmar Kriegler
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Climate Modeling in Integrated Assessment

  • Introduction
    Detlef Van Vuuren, Brian O’Neill, and Jae Edmonds
  • The benefits of climate change mitigation in integrated assessment models: The role of the carbon cycle and climate component
    Andries Hof et al.
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  • Estimating carbon budgets for model comparison and policy-making
    Detlef van Vuuren
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  • Results of carbon cycle CMIP5 / results climate outcomes CMIP5
    Pierre Friedlingstein
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  • Influence Greenhouse Gas Accounting Methods
    Daniel Johansson, Keywan Riahi, Maarten van den Berg
    Download presentation (Metrics and stabilization of the climate – GCP, GTP and CETP)
    Download presentation (Impact of Emission Metrics on Mitigation Scenarios)
  • The integrated Earth System Model (iESM) project coupling of IM AGE with EC-Earth
    Bill Collins, Jae Edmonds, and Wilco Hazeleger
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  • Open Discussion: Research Priorities

Energy-Water-Land Interactions

  • Introduction
    Leon Clarke, Tom Kram, Steven Rose
  • Water modeling in the MIT iGSM framework
    Adan Schlosser et al.
  • Modeling water, land, and energy interactions in GCAM – a water focus
    Mohamad Hejazi et al.
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  •  Consistent Analysis of Different Scenarios of Climate Stabilization and Sustainable Development
    Keigo Akimoto et al.
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  • A modeling framework for assessing Climate, Land Use, Energy and Water (CLEWs) Interactions
    Mark Howells et al.
  • Application of AIM (Asia-Pacific Integrated Model) toward new socio-economic scenario development integrating climate change mitigation, impact and adaptation
    Toshihiko Masui et al.
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  • Assessing long-term climate change stabilization using an integrated model of energy, economy, land-use and climate
    Nico Bauer et al.
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  • AIM model approach towards Low Carbon Societies in Asia
    Mikiko Kainuma et al.
  • Open Discussion: Research Priorities

Day 2: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sessions were held on Evaluation, Diagnostics, and Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment Modeling and Impacts and Adaptations in Integrated Assessment Research in addition to a Closing Plenary.

Evaluation, Diagnostics, and Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment Modeling

  • Introduction
    Elmar Kriegler, Massimo Tavoni, and John Weyant
  • Latest advancements in Uncertainty analysis in IAMs
    Mort Webster
  • Sobol method applied to DICE
    Pat Reed
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  • Technology uncertainty and optimal R&D portfolios (Overview of the TEaM Project)
    Massimo Tavoni
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  • Probabilistic cost estimates for climate change mitigation
    Joeri Rogelj et al.
  • The Min-max Regret and the Max Expected Utility Strategies for the Climate Policy Evaluations under Uncertainties by the expansion of Integrated Assessment Model MARIA
    Shunsuki Mori
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  • Evaluating integrated assessment models with stylized facts – an exercise with ReMIND
    Jana Schwanitz et al.
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  • A hindcasting experiment in GC AM
    Leon Clarke and Jae Edmonds
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  • A conceptual approach to the evaluation and diagnosis of integrated assessment models
    Rich Rosen
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  • Open Discussion: Research Priorities

Impacts and Adaptations in Integrated Assessment Research

  • Introduction
    Juan-Carlos Ciscar, Toshihiko Masui, and Keywan Riahi
  • Consequences of shifting pathway from RCP8.5 to RCP4.5
    Asbjørn Aaheim et al.
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  • Economic consequences of climate change
    Santosh Joshiy et al.
  • Economic effects of climate change in the agricultural sector – towards a closed loop assessment
    Franziska Piontek et al.
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  • Impacts analysis in GCAM
    Kate Calvin
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  • Multi-model comparison projects: ISI-MIP, AgMIP
    Dominique van der Menschbrugge and Franziska Piontek
    Download presentation (ISI-MIP: The Intersectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project)
    Download presentation (AgMIP: The Agricultural Modeling Intercomparison and Improvement Project)
  • Multiple impacts of global air pollution: Tools, Methods and Applications
    Dentener et al.
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  • Modelling the climate impacts in Europe (the JRC PESETA II project)
    Juan-Carlos Ciscar
  • The Benefits of Mitigation Policies for the United States: EPA’s Climate Change Impacts and Risk Analysis (CIRA) Project
    Jim McFarland
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  • Open Discussion: Research Priorities

Closing Plenary