Submit an Abstract to the Seventh Annual Meeting

  • Submissions for the Seventh Annual Meeting of the IAMC that fully describe a complete analysis are most likely to be accepted. In particular, when submitting a long abstract, please ensure that the study and results are sufficiently described to allow comparison with full paper submissions. Multiple submissions are allowed.

    Abstracts for Presentation. The topics for the four sessions are:

    1. Modeling climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability in integrated assessment.
    2. Using integrated assessment models to inform near-term international policy discussions – looking ahead to Paris and beyond.
    3. The importance of heterogeneity in capturing real world dynamics; what is the appropriate resolution for representing complex decision processes in IAMs?
    4. Interactions between ESMs (Earth System Models) and IAMs and advances in a new generation of earth system component emulators.

    Posters: We are also accepting posters that cover issues not in the set of four that are the focus of this year's parallel sessions. Please submit abstracts in the same form as for talks at the meeting. The abstracts do not need to be 500 words in length.

    Submit your abstract by completing the following form:

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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt, txt, tex.
  • Preferred file format: session_name-last_name-first-name.pdf