IAMC Newsletter – 2015, Issue 1

You are reading the first newsletter of the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium. This newsletter will be delivered biannually, with the objective of keeping the community apprised of recent and future events. If you have feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us at matteo.muratori@pnnl.gov andMariesse.vansluisveld@pbl.nl


Seventh Annual IAMC Meeting

The seventh annual meeting of the IAMC 2014 was hosted by the Global Change Assessment Modeling team last year from November 17-19, 2014, in College Park, Maryland. The main meetings occurred November 17 and 18, while Scientific Working Groups met on the 19th, see the Meeting Agenda.
The meeting attracted 93 participants (Meeting Participants List) from 49 different member organizations.
In addition to the usual organizational business of the IAMC, this meeting featured parallel sessions with presentations (available on the IAMC web site) focusing on cutting edge research in four topic areas:

  1. Modeling climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability in integrated assessment.
  2. Using integrated assessment models to inform near-term international policy discussions – looking ahead to Paris and beyond.
  3. The importance of heterogeneity in capturing real world dynamics; what is the appropriate resolution for representing complex decision processes in IAMs?
  4. Interactions between ESMs (Earth System Models) and IAMs and advances in a new generation of earth system component emulators.

The representatives of the three working groups met in a plenary session to discuss priorities of the IAMC in preparation for the next IPCC cycle.


Data Protocols and Management Working Group

The Scientific Working Group on Data Protocols and Management, led by Kate Calvin (PNNL) and Volker Krey (IIASA), is currently focusing on consolidating and documenting the IAMC data template as well as harmonizing the model documentation.

Scenarios Working Group

The Scientific Working Group on Scenarios – led by Keywan Riahi (IIASA), Detlef van Vuuren (PBL) and Tom Kram (PBL) – has contributed to the process in making the initial scenarios for the Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs) from the IAMs available for review. Results from the teams at FEEM, IIASA, NIES, JGCRI-PNNL, PIK and PBL will include reference cases and mitigation cases associated with various climate forcing levels according to the RCP definitions. The SSP scenarios will become available for public review during the first week of May 2015 at the SSP database hosted at IIASA. Further information on the review process of the initial results will be circulated shortly after this newsletter.

Evaluation and Diagnostics Working Group

The Scientific Working Group on Evaluation and Diagnostics, led by Jae Edmonds (PNNL), Elmar Kriegler (PIK) and John Weyant (Stanford), exists to foster activities that help describe, document and understand the performance of integrated assessment models so as to improve model performance and reliability and to make recommendations in the areas of priorities for community activities and standards of best practice. The SWG posted its charter, recommended via the IAMC listserve, that IAMC members participate in the ADVANCE (http://www.fp7‐advance.eu) Model Diagnostics Exercise, and posted areas for potential additional work.


IPCC Expert Meeting at IIASA

17-20 May 2015, Vienna, Austria

On  17 to 20 May IIASA will host an IPCC Expert Meeting on scenarios for climate change research. Purposes are to:

  1. assess the use of scenarios of climate change and/or societal development in the AR5 reports to identify needs for improving the use of common scenarios in climate change research across the entirety of IPCC work in the future;
  2. evaluate progress and research achievements from the scenario framework activities around the RCPs and the SSPs;
  3. discuss the possible role of scenarios in future IPCC products, and how IPCC can facilitate the community scenario process to make progress towards new and fully integrated scenarios.

Future Events

EMF 31.4 North American Natural Gas Markets in Transition,May 7-8 2015.

IPCC Expert Meeting on Scenarios, Vienna, Austria, May 18-20, 2015

The 34th edition of the International Energy Workshop(IEW), Abu Dhabi, 3-5 June 2015.

• 4th Global Forum on Energy Security, Beijing, China, June 15-16, 2015.

20th Annual Workshop of the Community Earth System Model (CESM), Breckenridge, CO, USA, June 15-18, 2015

Our Common Future Under Climate Change,Paris, France, July 7-10, 2015
Climate Change Impacts & Integrated Assessment XXI (CCI/IA),Jul 20 2015 to Jul 31 2015

•  The Eighth Annual Meeting of the IAMC will be held fromNovember 16 to November 18, 2015 in Potsdam, Germany

Past Events

•  The Asian Pacific Integrated Model community releasedThe 20th AIM International Workshopreport.

• The ADVANCE community workshopon “Innovation in relation to building energy demand in IAMs” took place in Utrecht, NL on January 20-12 2015. Documentation and list of participant is available here.

• On April 20 2015 IISD  launched a report titled “Green Public Procurement in China: Quantifying the benefits” at an event co-hosted by Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY) and its Eco Finance Center, and attended by leading Chinese and international experts.

• On April 20-21 2015, the international BE4 Workshop on including behaviour in energy/ engineering/ economy/ environment models was hosted by UCL in London. The programme and presentations can be found on theWholeSEM website.