Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a body whose job is to provide advice and counsel for the SSC. For example, the SSC may solicit the opinions of the Advisory Council on potential research priorities. Members of the Advisory Council are drawn from outside of the IAMC membership.

The Advisory Council helps the IAMC and the SSC to identify and coordinate potential resources to help the IAMC fulfill its mission.

The Advisory Council is also a potential source of information about activities in other research communities, such as the climate modeling community or the impacts research community, that are relevant to IAMC activities.

The Advisory Council also exists to assist the SSC in coordinating with and communicating results to other research communities.

Advisory Council members are appointed by the SSC of the IAMC. The term of a membership is 3 years, starting and ending with the IAMC Annual Meeting. Membership is renewable.

Advisory Council members 

  • Laura COZZI
    Chief Energy Modeller
    International Energy Agency (France)
  • Zhou DADI
    Vice chairman of the State Expert Advisory Committee to the National Energy Leading Group of China, member of the National Expert Team of China for Climate Change, and vice president of the China Institute of Geo-politics and Energy Strategy (China)
    IPCC Co-Chair Working Group I and Laboratoire des Sciences du Climate et de l’Environment (France)
  • Allen FAWCETT
    Chief, Climate Economics Branch, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
  • Surabi MENON
    Senior Director, Advisory & Research, ClimateWorks Foundation (USA)
  • Dirk MESSNER
    Director, United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security / UNU – EHS (Germany)
  • Debra ROBERTS
    IPCC Co-Chair of Working Group II and Head of the Sustainable and Resilient City Initiatives Unit in eThekwini Municipality in Durban (South Africa)
  • Jim SKEA
    IPCC Co-Chair Working Group III and Center for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London (UK)
    Head of Unit Clima C1 Strategy and Economoc Assessment, European Commission – Directorate General Climate Action (Belgium)