NAVIGATE Exchange Programme – Call for Applications

NAVIGATE (NEXT GENERATION OF ADVANCED INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT MODELLING TO SUPPORT CLIMATE POLICY MAKING) project aims at improving the capability of Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), providing new insight on how long-term climate goals can translate into short-term policy action, and how countries and sectors can work in concert to implement the Paris Agreement.

NAVIGATE Exchange Programme provides the opportunity to perform an exchange programme to early and mid-carrier modellers and researchers who want to share experiences on IAM models, coding and development practices, data analysis, and policy-relevant analyses and research focusing on climate change mitigation, impacts, and adaptation. The project offers mobility grants for these abroad visits giving priority to exchanges between non-European and European institutions. The exchange programme allows for visits of fixed length of 90 days at one of the NAVIGATE consortium institutions!

Check more information and apply on the NAVIGATE website!