IAMC Video Pills: Steven Rose reports on Working Group II, IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

IAMC Video Pills: Steven Rose reports on Working Group II, IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Steven Rose is Senior Research Economist in the Energy Systems and Climate Analysis Research Group at EPRI—the Electric Power Research Institute. He is a Lead Author for the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report as part of the Working Group II scientists assessing the literature on potential climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. He has participated in past IPCC assessment reports—the Fourth and Fifth Assessment Reports—as a part of Working Group III, where he was a Lead Author on long-run transition pathways and scenarios, as well as a Contributing Author on bioenergy and land-related emissions, sequestration, and mitigation. He also served as an Expert Reviewer for those reports.

 Steven Rose, Ph.D., EPRI – Lead Author, Working Group II, IPCC Sixth Assessment Report


For the Sixth Assessment report, he is contributing to Working Group II’s Chapter 18 on climate resilient development pathways. The chapter is a Working Group II “synthesis” chapter, bringing together and synthesizing knowledge on our understanding of the relationships between climate change mitigation and adaptation and the pursuit of sustainable development. The chapter draws on information and assessment from across Working Groups, especially II and III. In particular, scenarios from the integrated assessment community are a prominent part of the relevant literature, providing insights related to impacts, adaptation, mitigation, and development. In addition to his lead author role, he coordinates the Working Group II discussion on scenarios and participate in cross-working group scenarios coordination.

Working Group II last met at the end of January for its third lead author’s meeting, where expert discussed the comments received on the first-order drafts, and planned for the development of the second-order drafts due later this year. The next draft of the Working Group II report will be available for expert and government review August to October. This review is an opportunity for the scientific community to provide essential feedback that will improve the report’s content and communications.

The importance and value of expert community input is really outstanding and sharing  additional thoughts is welcome.