IAMC Lifetime Achievement Award


During the Twelfth IAMC Annual Meeting held last 2-4 December 2019 in Tzukuba, Japan, the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium was proud to honour  William D. Nordhaus (Yale University) with the
IAMC Lifetime Achievement Award


William D. Nordhaus is being recognized for:

  • Continuous major contributions to the literature of climate change economics over many decades.
  • Being an inspiration, mentor, and friend to all of us.
  • Being awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2018 for his efforts to develop “an integrated assessment model,” i.e. a quantitative model that describes the global interplay between the economy and the climate. His model integrates theories and empirical results from physics, chemistry and economics. Nordhaus’ model is now widely spread and is used to simulate how the economy and the climate co-evolve.”

Watch William Nordhaus’ recording for IAMC 2019