Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Navigate/Earth League at the University of Exeter, UK

We are seeking an outstanding, highly motivated and committed Postdoctoral Research Fellow to provide quantitative research capacity in the NAVIGATE project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 821124) and contribute to projects as part of the Earth League. The post will be based within the Global Systems Institute, a trans-disciplinary group of researchers, teachers and partners whose goal is to look beyond single ‘environmental’ issues to a truly systemic view of coupled global changes in the human sphere and the biosphere.

NAVIGATE is a multi-institutional research project led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) in Germany, involving partners based across Europe and internationally. The project seeks to improve existing Integrated Assessment Models used to inform climate change mitigation scenarios and climate policy-making, including to generate data for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Earth League is an alliance of world class research institutions, led by PIK. The alliance focuses on managing anthropogenic global change according to the principles of sustainable development. The Earth League assesses and synthesizes existing information, conducts research to fill critical gaps in our knowledge, and communicates its findings to decision makers and stakeholders.
The successful applicant will be able to develop research objectives, projects and proposals; identify sources of research funding and contribute to the process of securing funds and make presentations at conferences and other events. Applicants will possess a relevant PhD or equivalent qualification/experience in a related field of study. The successful applicant will be able to operate and improve complex and data-intensive models of the earth system and multi-sectoral integrated assessment models, ideally with knowledge of macroeconomics, technological change, innovation, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. The candidate will possess strong mathematical, computational, data analysis and programming abilities. The candidate will have experience of non-linear dynamical systems.

Please contact Jean-Francois Mercure at for more information.
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