IAMC 2019 – Full Programme, List of Participants and Instructions for Presenters are now online

IAMC 2019 – Full Programme, List of Participants and Instructions for Presenters are now online

The Annual Meeting will start in the morning of Monday, December 2nd. It will last until the morning of Wednesday, December 4th. The afternoon of Wednesday, December 4th will be devoted to working meetings of several IAMC Scientific Working Groups. IAMC members are welcome to attend.

The full programme  and the preliminary list of participants are now availble.

With the occasion of the IAMC annual meetings, the IAMC Consortium may award presenters with recognition prizes that reward excellent work/research.

Instructions for presenters

Oral sessions presenters:

A computer (MS Windows environment) is available in each room of the conference venue. All screens are 16:9 (widescreen). Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. Make sure to copy your presentation onto the computer in the assigned room before your session. Your presentation file should be in PowerPoint (.pptx or .ppt format) or pdf format. Please include your last name in the file name to avoid confusion. Each room is equipped with a lase pointer.
The presentations are organized in sessions of 1 hour and 45 minutes. The time for each presentation differs per session and is indicated in the programme. Preferably the presentations are about 5 minutes shorter than the allocated time to allow for 5 minutes of direct Q&A. Presenters should come to the room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session to allow time for the presentations to be copied to the computer. A conference assistant will be available in your room in case of technical difficulties. Please go to the assigned room well in advance so the chair of the session knows that you are present. Please respect your colleagues and keep to the allocated time for your presentation.

Poster sessions presenters:

Poster presenters are invited to bring a printed copy of their posters fitting A0 portrait size.
The posters are displayed for the period of poster session. You are responsible for putting up from 1 pm to 6 pm on December 2 and taking down your poster after finishing the poster session. A conference assistant will be available to help you and will provide the necessary material for hanging the poster. Poster boards will be labelled with the poster number and presenter’s name. Please put your poster on the correct board, see the detailed Annual Meeting programme.
Presenters who wish to print their posters in Tsukuba are invited to fill in this form (please notice the cost of this service indicated in the form) and send it together with the poster in .pdf format to aim-as-nies@nies.go.jp by 5:00 pm on November 22, Japan time.



Register to the IAMC Annual Meeting by filling in the registration form available in the event webpage.
We encourage attendees to register at their earliest convenience due to limited space. A maximum of 250 participants will be accepted.



The purpose of IAMC Annual Meetings is to:
– present and discuss the state of the art in integrated assessment modeling;
– review the status of ongoing community activities including both multi-model studies and the activities of the IAMC Scientific Working Groups;
– facilitate interaction with collaborating communities;
– evaluate and revisit the priorities of the integrated assessment community.

The IAMC annual meeting is a scientific meeting intended for peer sharing and vetting. The meeting is open to researchers from organizations involved in integrated assessment modelling and their research collaborators. The meeting is designed to allow researchers to share developments in methods, models and data. Participants are expected to be able to freely discuss their work, which in many cases is work in progress.

For copyright reasons, recordings of any kind are prohibited without prior written consent of the presenter. Attendees may not cite, capture or use materials presented during the meeting, including material broadcasted or made available in the Annual Meeting website by the meeting organisers, without written permission.

Views and opinions expressed during the meeting are those of the individual researchers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the IAMC or any other institutions.

The meeting is not intended for the general public or press, despite these categories of participants are welcome to attend. Nevertheless, press-related activities, including filming and direct quotes, are not appropriate for this meeting. Individual researchers are free to share their findings with the press as they wish outside of the meeting.

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