AGU Fall Meeting – Call for abstract submission on Humans in the Earth System session

Dear IAMC Community,

With reference to the forthcoming American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting , 9 – 13 December 2019, San Francisco, please consider submitting an abstract to the following session on humans in the earth system, convened by:
Hannah Liddy
Victor Brovkin
Natasha MacBean
Alan Di Vittorio

Note that Kate Calvin has agreed to be one of our invited speakers for this session.

We would appreciate it if you would share this people who may be interested.

GC029 – Humans in the Earth System

Earth system models bridge the gap between observations and theory by providing a common framework to study the stresses of global change on the biosphere and climate, although representations of human activities are limited. There also is a related underexploited opportunity to explore the interactions between the biophysical and biogeochemical Earth System and human systems through closer coordination of in-situ and space-based observations. In this session, we are seeking contributions from interdisciplinary modeling and observation groups linking physical and social systems sciences for the rigorous quantification of feedbacks and attribution of human activity on the coupled biogeochemical and physical Earth system. Contributions from Earth System Modeling and Integrated Assessment Modeling groups on analysis of coupled climate, land use, and societal dynamics in CMIP6 projections are encouraged. We also encourage contributions with other perspectives and methods on how to bridge the physical-social science divide in global change research.

Here is the abstract to the submissions page:

The deadline is July 31.

I hope to read your abstract,


Alan Di Vittorio, Ph.D.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division