Eleventh meeting of the Research Dialogue: Science for Transformation

The “Eleventh meeting of the Research Dialogue: Science for Transformation” organised by UNFCCC was held in Bonn, Germany last 20 June 2019. The dialogue gathers experts from the scientific community, Party and non-Party representatives to discuss the latest science informing transformative change in energy systems and other sectors and for climate-resilient development.  The dialogue also aims at identifying research gaps, and the outcomes are intended to guide research efforts and science driven policy goals, and strengthen scientific support to relevant workstreams under the Convention.This edition’s themes were:

  1. Transformation of energy and other sectoral systems to achieve the purpose and long-term goals of the Paris Agreement
  2. Transformative adaptation and climate resilient development
  3. Changing levels of risk and the attribution of extreme climate events and impacts to climate change
  4. Role of the ocean in the climate system

Elmar Kriegler (PIK), Chair of IAMC Scientific Working Group on Scenarios for Climate-related Financial Analysis intervened in Theme 1 panel and in the informal meeting scheduled the day after with some remarks that were submitted to UNFCCC secretariat who will collect all inputs and use them to produce a summary report on the dialogue.

UNFCCC 2019 Meeting web page

UNFCCC 2018 Meeting summary report