JRC-GEM-E3 Global macroeconomic balances available

Dear colleagues:

We would like to announce the publication of the Global macroeconomic balances which are freely available on-line. The balances are a detailed set of numbers on energy, emissions, and economic structure have been made available for download (link).

This data set includes a time series of detailed input-output tables for 13 world regions up to 2050, as well as energy use by sector and trade of energy goods across regions, and could be particularly relevant for other modelling teams that need a baseline for ex ante policy assessment. The Input-Output tables that represent the macroeconomic baseline for the JRC-GEM-E3 model and can be used for baseline-building by other modellers.

The  dataset

We also would welcome comments and suggestions to improve our next update of these balances.

Best regards,

Matthias WEITZEL

European Commission
Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport (C6)