Human-Earth System Processes and Interactions


Using data and models, JGCRI maintains a robust research program on human-Earth system interactions. This research looks at how energy, water, land, economic, and climate systems interact at global and regional levels. This research includes (1) disciplinary research in energy systems, water systems, land use, economic, and climate and (2) research on the interactions between these research areas. Current areas of research focus include:


  • The interactions between socioeconomic change, climate, and water supplies and demands (Contact: Mohamad Hejazi)
  • Long-term integrated scenario development (Contact: Kate Calvin, Richard Moss)
  • Bioenergy, land use, land cover, and land use change emissions (Contact: Marshall Wise, Kate Calvin)
  • End-use energy demands and economic development (Contact: Page Kyle, Leon Clarke)
  • Technological change and associated barriers to technology deployment (Contact: Leon Clarke, Gokul Iyer)
  • Short-lived climate forcers (Contact: Steve Smith)
  • Climate impacts on energy-water-land system interactions (Contact: Leon Clarke)

For more information on our current capabilities please visit our page on Human Earth System Models

Understanding Human Earth Systems points of contact: Leon Clarke ( and Mohamed Hejazi (