2017 GCAM Community Modeling Meeting

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2017 GCAM Community Modeling Meeting


November 7-9, 2017: Joint Global Change Research Institute

Day 1 – Tuesday Novembber 7, 2017

Collaborative GCAM Research, Recent Development, and Future Work Energy Water Nexus: – Moderator: Mohamad Hejazi (PNNL/JGCRI)

Earth System Modeling: – Moderator: Corinne Hartin (PNNL/JGCRI)

Land and Economics: – Moderator: Kate Calvin (PNNL/JGCRI)

Regional Modeling: – Moderator: Marshall Wise (PNNL/JGCRI)


Day 2 – Wednesday November 8, 2017

Overview of GCAM v. 4.4

Overview Part I and II – Combined Presentations

  • Leon Clarke (PNNL/JGCRI/UMD): Introduction to GCAM
  • Stephanie Waldhoff (PNNL/JGCRI): Economy
  • Page Kyle and Marshall Wise (PNNL/JGCRI): Energy
  • Kate Calvin (PNNL/JGCRI): Land
  • Haewon McJeon (PNNL/JGCRI): Modeling Policies
  • Marshall Wise (PNNL/JGCRI: Trade
  • Steve Smith (PNNL/JGCRI): Emissions
  • Corinne Hartin (PNNL/JGCRI): Earth System
  • Kate Calvin (PNNL/JGCRI): Updates Since the Last Release

Overview Part III


Day 3 – Thursday November 9, 2017

Community Modeling Meeting: