2016 JGCRI Integrated Assessment Technical Workshop

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JGCRI 2016 Annual Integrated Assessment Workshop and GCAM Community Modeling Meeting

Agenda and Presentations


October 11-13: College Park Marriott & Conference Center, Room 2110
October 14: Joint Global Change Research Institute

Day 1 – Tuesday October 11, 2016

Integrated Assessment Past and Future: Celebrating 15 Years of Integrated Assessment at JGCRI: – Moderator: Ghassem Asrar (PNNL/JGCRI)

Modeling Energy-Water-Land Interactions: – Moderator: Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm (UMD/ESSIC/JGCRI)

Climate Impacts on Agriculture: – Moderator: Leon Clarke (PNNL/JGCRI/UMD)

Climate Emulation in Integrated Assessment – Moderator: Kate Calvin (PNNL/JGCRI)

Poster Presenters for the JGCRI Annual Meeting 2016

  • Zana Cranmer (University of Massachusetts Amherst) – Valuing Offshore Wind Energy
  • Rachel Hoesly (JGCRI) – Historical Emissions and Uncertainty: The Community Emissions Data System (CEDS)
  • Leyang Feng (JGCRI) – A flexible spatial gridding system for emissions  — An implementation for CEDS and CMIP6
  • Minho Baek (Ajou University) – Power Sector Modeling and the Presentation of Marginal Abatement Cost
  • Zulfikar Yurnaidi (Ajou University) – Assessing the Carbon Abatement Potential of Green Technologies in Transportation Sector using GCAM
  • Diego Silva (JAMSTEC) – Development of emission scenarios for climate stabilization considering mitigation of non-CO2 GHGs
  • Nazar Kholod (JGCRI) – Russia’s black carbon emissions from diesel sources and beyond
  • Volha Roshchanka (JGCRI) – Coal Mine Methane
  • Felipe Feijoo (JGCRI) – Modeling of natural gas infrastructure development in North America
  • Cecilia Moura (JGCRI) – Uncertainty in climate change due to short-lived climate forcers
  • Cary Lynch (JGCRI) – CMIP5 Temperature and Precipitation Patterns
  • Qing Tan (JGCRI) – Growth and Energy Savings Potential of the Indian Buildings Sector
  • Michael Walsh (Bentley University) – Evaluating the Impacts of Food and Fuel from Algae
  • Xuesong Zhang (JGCRI) – Projecting the contribution of future agricultural trends in the US Midwest to global climate change mitigation by linking an agroecosystem model with GCAM JGCRI
  • Ryna Cui (JGCRI) – Risks to food availability and access from climate policies : An integrated assessment of regional food availability and access along alternative climate mitigation strategies to 2050
  • Lu Liu (JGCRI) – Global Assessment of Exploitable Surface Reservoir Storage under Climate Change
  • Jae Edmonds (JGCRI) – The Implications of Paris Project
  • Catherine Ledna (JGCRI) – Are Nationally Determined Contributions on track toward deep decarbonization

Day 2 – Wednesday October 12, 2016

The Implications of Paris: – Moderator: Haewon McJeon (PNNL/JGCRI)

Energy-Water-Land Interactions, Sustainable Development, and Climate Mitigation: – Moderator: Mohamad Hejazi (PNNL/JGCRI/ESSIC)

Day 3 – Thursday October 13, 2016 – GCAM Community Modeling Meeting

Activities on Scenarios and Uncertainty in GCAM:

Activities on Regional Modeling in GCAM:

Activities on Visualization and Tools for Running GCAM:

Overview of GCAM:

Day 4 – Friday October 14, 2016

GCAM Community Modeling Meeting:

– (unchanged from 2015)